Case Studies

Delivering Real Value is HICL’s core, overarching philosophy. The Board and InfraRed believe that to fulfil this for HICL’s shareholders requires recognition of the fundamental importance of HICL’s projects for other stakeholders. Collectively, the team seeks to deliver real value proactively and in a variety of ways for these stakeholders.

HICL’s portfolio consists of projects that typically support key strategic goals for their clients. At its heart, HICL’s value to these clients is in ensuring reliable service delivery, to a consistent standard and on an ‘everyday’ basis – occasionally involving technically complex scopes of service. However, value consists of more than service delivery alone. Other examples initiated by the Board and InfraRed include community engagement programmes with the end-users of HICL’s projects; and the implementation of variations which seek to optimise an existing project for the client. Further, HICL participates in construction stage projects and in doing so has helped to create infrastructure assets exhibiting innovative, high quality design solutions.

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