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COVID-19 Update

For an update on portfolio performance and how InfraRed on behalf of HICL is monitoring and managing risks arising from the global COVID-19 pandemic, click the following link.

COVID-19 HICL Investor Call

HICL is a UK-listed infrastructure investment company. We invest in infrastructure for local communities and to support the delivery of essential services, working in partnership with the public and private sectors.

Our portfolio includes: 

  • Public-private partnerships, where our portfolio companies design, finance, build, operate and maintain infrastructure to support the delivery of public services, and performance is assessed against contracted quality standards;

  • Regulated infrastructure, where our portfolio companies enhance, operate and maintain monopoly infrastructure where performance standards and pricing are subject to regulatory oversight; and

  • Demand-based infrastructure, where our portfolio companies are contracted to design, finance, build, operate and maintain infrastructure where their usage determines financial performance.

For stakeholders, we apply responsible investment principles through our Investment Manager, InfraRed Capital Partners, to ensure the availability and quality of infrastructure for all users, whether a road, a school or a hospital.

For shareholders, including institutional and retail investors, we provide long-term, sustainable value from a diversified portfolio of infrastructure investments.

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3.6 million

Population served by Affinity Water

Source: Affinity Water



Over 500km of road and high speed railway across the portfolio

Source: InfraRed


10 million

Over 10 million people with direct access to the healthcare facilities in the portfolio

Source: InfraRed analysis based on CQC reporting, NHS websites and census data

Delivering Real Strength.

A249 Road

Delivering Real Benefits.

Southmead Hospital

Delivering Real Potential.

Croydon Schools

Delivering Real Operations.

Dutch High Speed Rail Link

Delivering Real Synergies.

RCMP 'E' Division HQ