Defence Sixth Form College, UK

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Finance, construct, operate, and maintain a sixth form college for the Ministry of Defence

The Defence Sixth Form College (DSFC) project is a 30 year concession to finance, construct, operate, and maintain a new residential college facility in Leicestershire, UK for the Ministry of Defence (‘MoD’). The project replaces an existing facility, Welbeck College.

The DSFC has buildings grouped into four zones, with unrestricted access across a wide expanse of sports fields. These buildings include dining rooms, a kitchen, a medical wing, a student club, a learning resource centre and high specification computer networked laboratories. Student accommodation comprises five boarding houses with a total of 380 beds, and integrated houses for residential house staff.

The facility provides 350 student places for all three armed services and is intended to be the principal source of technical officer recruitment to the UK's armed forces.

Financial close was achieved in May 2003. Interserve carried out construction works, which were completed in August 2005. Capital expenditure was approximately £40 million.

The first academic year commenced in the autumn of 2005. Interserve also provides ongoing management and maintenance.