RD901 Road, France

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Finance, construct, operate, and maintain a 7km dual carriageway for the Authority of Oise, France

The RD901 PPP project is a 25 year concession to finance, construct, operate, and maintain a new seven kilometre dual carriageway bypassing the small town of Troissereux, near Beauvais in France, on behalf of the Authority of Oise. This PPP contract is structured on an availability basis with payments from the Département de l’Oise.

The project, with a capital value of €62 million, reached financial close in January 2014 and construction was jointly undertaken by Colas Nord- Picardie, Bouygues TP Régions France and DTP Terrassement.

The road was operational from November 2016. A subsidiary of Colas SA, Aximum, is maintaining the carriageway under a fixed-price contract.