M80 Motorway, UK

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Finance, construct/upgrade, operate, and maintain motorway sections, junctions and associated structures for Transport Scotland

The M80 Motorway DBFO project is a 33 year concession to finance, construct/upgrade, operate and maintain a new eight kilometre section of motorway, seven new junctions and 60 additional structures, as well a 10 kilometre stretch of the existing M80 between Stepps and Haggs in Scotland. The client is Transport Scotland.

Financial close occurred in January 2009. The construction works were performed under a Bilfinger Berger UK, Northstone (NI) Ltd and John Graham (Dromore) Ltd joint venture.

The project achieved traffic availability in September 2011. Capital expenditure was approximately £275 million.

The project company is paid an availability revenue stream by the Scottish Ministers. The motorway is operated and maintained by BEAR Scotland Ltd under a long-term services agreement.