Sustainable returns from diversified core infrastructure

HICL’s investment proposition is to deliver sustainable income and capital growth from a diversified portfolio of investments in core infrastructure.

  • Sustainable income
    HICL seeks to pay predictable and sustainable quarterly distributions to shareholders. See HICL’s full distribution history, and how the Company has performed against the FTSE All Share since IPO.

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  • Diversified portfolio
    With over 100 assets across the core infrastructure market and low single asset concentration, HICL’s portfolio diversification is a mitigant to investment risks. Find out more about HICL’s main risk factors.

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  • Core infrastructure
    Essential, real, community assets that deliver predictable cashflows from a protected market position. Read more about how HICL defines the infrastructure market.

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  • Our Business model
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  • Value Enhancement

    Improve financial performance and enhance communities’ experience of their infrastructure

  • Value Preservation

    Generate base case returns and deliver well-maintained infrastructure for society

  • Accretive Investment

    Construct a diversified portfolio of investments with a strong, long-term social purpose

A robust and sustainable business model

HICL’s business model supports the delivery of the company’s investment proposition and is centred around the three pillars shown.

To find out more about the interaction between these pillars and how the Investment Manager’s team structure is aligned to them, click through to the business model page.