Zaanstad Penitentiary, The Netherlands

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Finance, construct, operate, and maintain a penitentiary for The State of the Netherlands

The Zaanstad Penitentiary Institution PPP project, Netherlands, is a 27 year concession to finance, construct, operate, and maintain a new penitentiary for The State of the Netherlands. The complex was built on a greenfield site of flat land in a polder area outside Amsterdam, next to the North Sea canal.

The facility has capacity for approximately 1,000 detainees, and includes a labour centre, a psychiatric care institute, a recreational facility, offices and healthcare facilities.

Financial close occurred in September 2013. Construction commenced in April 2014 and was completed on time in March 2016. Capital expenditure was approximately €160 million.

The obligations relating to both the delivery of the construction works were subcontracted to a joint venture comprising subsidiaries of the Ballast Nedam group and the Royal Imtech group. FM services are being undertaken by a subsidiary of Ballast Nedam. Custodial services do not form part of the project’s scope of services.