What We Do

HICL Infrastructure PLC (“HICL”) is an investor in infrastructure that is essential to the delivery of public services.

Our portfolio comprises: 

  • Public-Private Partnerships: our portfolio companies design, finance, build, operate and maintain infrastructure to support the public sector’s delivery of services to society and meet contracted quality standards for the relevant facilities. The services we provide vary from project to project, ranging from maintaining the infrastructure through to cleaning, security and providing meals. Currently, our portfolio includes schools, hospitals, libraries, police and fire stations, prisons and courts, emergency service training facilities, military personnel accommodation and government buildings.
  • Regulated infrastructure: our portfolio companies enhance, operate and maintain monopoly infrastructure where performance standards and pricing are subject to regulatory oversight. We work with regulators to balance the interests of customers, long-term resilience and the commercial viability of the infrastructure owners. Currently, our portfolio includes water and electricity transmission infrastructure.
  • Demand-based infrastructure: our portfolio companies are contracted to design, finance, build, operate and maintain infrastructure where their usage determines financial performance.  Currently, our portfolio includes operational toll roads (with traffic history), high-speed rail and student accommodation.

Our activity is focused in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia.

For our public sector clients, our partnerships give time and whole-of-life cost certainty as well as confidence that construction, operation and maintenance services will be provided according to defined standards. At the end of the contract or licence period the infrastructure either returns to the public sector or the private sector bears the risk of its residual value.

For our shareholders, we aim to deliver long-term, stable income from a diversified portfolio of infrastructure investments that is positioned at the lower end of the risk spectrum. Our investors include local authority and corporate pension funds, retail investors, insurance groups, mutual funds, charities and foundations.

In 2006, HICL Infrastructure Company Limited, our predecessor company, was the first infrastructure investment company to list on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. Today we are a member of the FTSE 250 and we are the UK’s largest infrastructure investment company with over 100 portfolio companies.

HICL’s Investment Manager is InfraRed Capital Partners Limited ("InfraRed"). InfraRed brings depth of resource from a team of more than 90 infrastructure investment professionals, and experience from having invested in over 200 infrastructure projects dating back to the 1990s.

Together, we have built the trust of our public and private sector clients through our responsible approach to active management.