Board of Directors

The Board of the Company comprises seven independent, non-executive directors whose role is to manage the governance of the Company in the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

In particular the Board approves and monitors InfraRed's adherence to the Acquisition Strategy and the Investment Policy, determines risk appetite and sets policies relating to HICL and the portfolio, as well as monitoring the activities and performance of the key service providers against agreed objectives.

In response to The AIC Code of Corporate Governance and AIFMD legislation, the Board has established the following committees: Audit Committee; Management Engagement Committee; Nomination Committee; Remuneration Committee; and Risk Committee. The purpose, stakeholders, roles and responsibilities of the Board and each of its committees are set out in the applicable set of Terms of Reference found within Corporate Documents.

A list of the Directors' other public company directorships is set out in the Company's Annual Report and Accounts, or is available from the Company's Secretary on request.


Ian Russell, CBE

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Frank Nelson

Senior Independent Director

Mike Bane


Sally-Ann Farnon


Simon Holden


Kenneth D. Reid


Chris Russell