Southmead Hospital, UK

Social responsibility.

The Southmead Hospital project is active in its development of ESG initiatives. Initiatives, once developed, are tabled at the project’s Liaison Committee where they are finalised in conjunction with the project’s client: North Bristol NHS Trust.

The project facilitated access for the North Bristol NHS Trust to a pop-up space in The Galleries Shopping Centre, approximately three miles from the hospital, to promote the Trust's recruitment and charitable activities. The pop-up space was utilised for no charge throughout the busy Christmas and New Year sales shopping period from 16 November 2017 to 22 January 2018.

The Galleries Shopping Centre is owned by a real estate fund managed by InfraRed. The Investment Manager enabled an introduction of the North Bristol NHS Trust, who is the Southmead Hospital project’s client, to the management team of The Galleries Shopping Centre.

This approach to recruitment led to more than 20 vacant roles being filled, including IT engineers, admin staff, healthcare assistants and operating theatre staff.

The Trust’s Southmead Hospital Charity (, which raises money to fund equipment, research and improve the hospital’s environment, used the pop-up space to raise awareness of its activities. It subsequently raised almost £1,000 in The Galleries Shopping Centre towards its Christmas appeal.