Serving local communities

The infrastructure that we manage and maintain is at the heart of communities. Recognising this, we are committed to enabling the smooth and efficient delivery of public services.

  • We maintain the fabric of infrastructure so that it is safe to use and meets contracted, or regulated, availability and quality standards;
  • We take care of operations ‘behind the scenes’ so that front-line staff can do their jobs; and
  • Where permitted, we enhance the user experience for the benefit of future generations. 

Our commitment to local communities often goes beyond the delivery of contracted services, and the maintenance and operation of infrastructure. We believe that part of our responsibility is to support the communities that host our projects.

In addition to this, many portfolio companies develop environmental and social initiatives that reflect their community’s needs. Social initiatives are those that:

  • Enhance the social and physical environment of the infrastructure and its neighbouring community; and
  • Promote and enhance the lives and well-being of the client staff, users of the infrastructure and the local community. 

Examples are set out in the case studies below.