Allenby & Connaught MoD, UK

Social responsibility.

The Allenby and Connaught MOD project is a 35-year PFI to finance, construct and refurbish, service and maintain modern, high-quality living and working accommodation.

Under the first phase of construction (2006–2014), accommodation was delivered for approximately 18,700 soldiers (nearly 20% of the British Army). A further 2,400 single en-suite bed spaces are currently being delivered under the Army Basing Programme phase (2016-2020) to cater for British troops withdrawing from Germany in summer 2019 and units rebasing in the UK.

In 2017, the project company (“Aspire Defence Limited”) funded a 200-metre exercise pathway at Clarendon Junior, a local school in Tidworth.

The pathway, which stretches around the perimeter of the school’s playing field, took three weeks to build. It was opened by Claire Perry MP, who described the pathway as “a fantastic initiative”.

With the pathway, the school is now equipped to improve the fitness level and overall health of their pupils, by setting healthy habits and supporting positive exercise choices. By running or walking five laps of the pathway, the children will be able to complete the ‘Daily Mile’ challenge, a national initiative which aims to get classes outside and active for 15 minutes during the school day. The new addition to the school’s facilities enabled the PE teacher to set up a running club with a starting enrolment of twenty pupils.

Allan Thomson, Chief Executive of Aspire Defence, said:

“As an established company working to support the Army across Salisbury Plain, we were delighted to have an opportunity to help a school on our doorstep which caters for so many military families. We’re proud to have played a part in improving the health and wellbeing of local children.”

The Allenby and Connaught project supports many community initiatives, for more details please go to:

“For some time, we’ve wanted a path to be created so that the children can make better use of our large outdoor space. We’re delighted with the finished pathway and very grateful to Aspire Defence for their support.”

         - Headteacher of Clarendon Junior School