A9 Road, The Netherlands

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Finance, construct, operate and maintain a section of the A9 road in the Netherlands

The aim of the A9 project is to improve the accessibility of the northern Randstad region as well as quality of life in South-East Amsterdam. IXAS, a partnership between Ballast Nedam, Heijmans, Fluor and 3i, is carrying out the project in which the A9 between the Holendrecht and Diemen junctions is widened.

Once finished, the road will have five lanes in each direction, plus a reversible lane. Three kilometres of this section will pass through the Netherlands’ longest land tunnel. On top of the tunnel a park, twice the size of Amsterdam's Vondelpark, will be made.



The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management concluded a DBFM contract with IXAS in 2014, which took care of the design and financing for the project and is handling the construction.

The contract has a capital value of €574 million.  The consortium will also remain responsible for the management and maintenance of the motorway and tunnel for a period of 20 years after they are opened in 2021.